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Condor in flight

Condor Counseling
& Somatics

Compassionate, affirming support
on your journey back to your self

Diana Parra, LCMHCA


Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I am a queer, non-binary therapist of color that is absolutely delighted to support folks on their journey to find more meaning in their lives and develop a deeper connection with all parts of themselves. 

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What you can expect

when working with me

I am compassionate, direct, affirming, and always willing to be playful.
I use a body based approach to trauma healing and nervous system regulation.
I can help you discover and center your values, and what is meaningful to you.
Acknowledgment of the ways systems of oppression impact lived experience.
A practice that is grounded in culture-centered, liberation frameworks.
Gender celebratory, queer affirming, sex positive.
An understanding of systemic racism and the ways it impacts BIPOC.
Deconstructing internalized systems and beliefs that no longer serve you.
An approach to presence and mindfulness that is slow and always consent based.
A therapist who is a queer, nonbinary person of color with shared lived experience.
A therapeutic relationship that feels authentic and nonjudgmental.

My specialties 

I specialize in work with adults and adolescents who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, who are moving through a life transition, who are exploring their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation, or who have a history of trauma. I especially enjoy working with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), queer, and trans people, and individuals in non-traditional, non-monogamous relationship structures. 




LGBTQ+ affirming

Gender affirming

Cultural and systemic oppression 


Poly and kink affirming

Sex positive

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About me

As a bilingual, bicultural, queer person of color, finding a sense of belonging and safety was always a challenge. But in a moment of crisis I found a wonderful therapist who slowly helped me to reconnect with myself, with my heart, and with the sensations of my own body. And I discovered that this work of helping others meet themselves, and find meaning and belonging in their lives, is something that brings me immense joy.
I love holding space for people to get to know themselves, to see themselves fully and with compassion, and to decide for themselves what choices might bring them closer to living a full and meaningful life.

My approach to therapy is rooted in anti-oppression principles, which means that I seek to identify and dismantle the systems of oppression within which we are embedded, and through which our hearts, minds, and bodies have been programmed. I love to do this work professionally through my therapy practice, as well as personally and communally.

If you're seeking a supportive, safe, and affirming space to explore your own journey, I invite you to connect with me. Together, we can navigate your path towards self-discovery, healing, and creating a meaningful and authentic life. 

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